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Less than 48 hours after the fire in Paris began, France announced an international architecture competition to rebuild the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral, according to world news outlets.

President Macron thanked firefighters and said in a widely praised address that Notre Dame is “our history, our literature, the epicentre of our life, the standard by which we measure our distances. It’s so many books, so many paintings. It’s the cathedral of every French person, even those who have never visited it. This history is ours. We will rebuild Notre Dame, because it is what the French people expect, it is what our history deserves, and it is our deep destiny.”

2018-2019 model news

all under one roof...
Networker Enrico Bergonzoni's model of the House of One, a unique house of prayer for three religions, was seen in the 2018 V&A exhibition; The Future Starts Here. Designed by Kuehn Malvezzi of Berlin, the building contains a synagogue, church and mosque – all under one roof

the first model commissioned by the Abbey for nearly 300 years...
The Westminster Abbey Triforium, aka The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries, opened in 2018. Armiger presented the Abbey model at Buckingham Palace in June 2014

landmarks aplenty...
Collaborator makers Richard and Simon Hamnell were pleased to report that the aforementioned Abbey model featured in the landmark 250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. This, being Armiger's 35th work in 35 years chosen by the Royal Academicians, is a small landmark in itself

four sight…
1, ‘Making Memory: Seven Projects’ by David Adjaye. Exhibition models at the Design Museum UK

2, VAM continues its aptly named ‘Architectural Models Network‘ research, led by Dr Simona Valeriani, Head of Early Modern Studies, and Dr Olivia Horsfall Turner, Senior Curator of Designs

3, It is nice to see an old Network model in De Museum Rotterdam; a masterplan for the Centraal Station area bounded by Stationsingel, Goudsesingel, Kruisplein and Statentunnel

4, Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) NY, displayed Theodore Conrad’s life’s work. ‘On Exhibit: A World in Miniature’ included this awesome image amongst other examples from Conrad’s truly inspirational career.

Thanks to research by Teresa Fankhänel in A Miniature Boom: A History of American Architectural Models in the 20th Century we hear that ‘After three decades in a business he helped invent, in 1962, Conrad was the only model maker to ever receive the AIA Craftsmanship Medal, for his lifetime achievement in working with architectural models in the creation of architecture’

Stay tuned for more upcoming unprecedented Abbey and other model news...

2017-2018 model news

new meets old…
Caring Wood wins RIBA House of the Year 2017, joint project by James Macdonald Wright, founder of Macdonald Wright Architects, and Niall Maxwell of Rural Office for Architecture

for Sir Terence Conran...
New Design Museum, Holland Park, at the old Commonwealth Institute, by John Pawson, European Museum of the Year prize was awarded to the Design Museum in May 2018

great Dane...
Dansk Arkitektur Center, Copenhagen, Four metre model of Inderhavnsbroen Bridge

   - Each first seen in 3D as a physical, tangible miniature by Network Modelmakers -


2017-2018 model exhibitions....

'Superstructures: the New Architecture 1960-1990' at the Sainsbury Centre

'Walter’s Way - The Self-Build Revolution' at the Architectural Association Gallery  

'London by Design' and 'Design Uncovered' new season at the London Transport Museum

'Palladian Design – the Good, the Bad and the Unexpected' at the RIBA Architecture Gallery

Restored: extraordinary, enormous, 'ancient' plaster model of Ancient Rome, 16.8 metres square


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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries


The Abbey’s triforium was accessible, but only just. Architect Ptolemy Dean has designed a tall, slim but grandly detailed 21st century tower which, when opened in 2018, now allows visitors high up within the Abbey to a space previously occupied only by Royal Wedding cameramen. A well-crafted, steamed-beech timber model built by Richard’s teammates illustrates the proposal. 


Richard was first contacted by the Abbey in 2014. Thereafter followed an intense six month period of research and design; because for the best result, the model itself must be designed (not many people know that...). Over time, a palette, configuration and a befitting budget was put forward and then accepted. Yes, even the Monarch will have a budget (not many people know that...).

With a model of this ambition and stature, Armiger's Network married its forces with Millennium. Millennium Models' director Simon Hamnell is a good friend, an ex-Networker, and a 'triple A-list' craftsman. The third, and last key member of the 'lead team' was Network's indispensable, historic specialist George Rome Innes.

abbey 2

Timber craftsman Richard Armiger presented the Westminster Abbey model at Buckingham Palace in June 2014. It is the first model commissioned by the Abbey, for the Abbey, in 300 years.

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